Sunday Lunch

Every Sunday we have a catered lunch after service.  We believe in creating a welcoming and hospitable environment that fosters authentic community.  Lunch is a great time to meet new people and talk with the pastors and staff.  Want to get home to watch the big game?  Don't be!  We'll have it playing in the Cafe.      


How much do lunches cost?

Lunches cost, on average about $7.  Because we don't anyone to be excluded lunch is donation only.  So, if you have $7, drop it in the donation jar.  If you have $3, you can give that too!  

if it's your first time at FVC, lunch is on us!  

If it's your first time at FVC, don't worry about donating anything.  

Lunch is on us.  It's our way of saying thank you for coming.

Where do the lunches come from?

We've partnered with local restaurants to bring delicious lunches to FVC.