Winter Camp is an awesome time to get away from regular life and get closer to God and build relationships with other teens.  We'll be at beautiful Cedar Lake in Big Bear for President's Day weekend.  The cost is $160 per kid.  You can pay an initial $25 to reserve your spot.  You want to miss it!  

Service Times

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am in Main Sanctuary. Dismissed after worship.  Jr. High meets in Room 9 and Sr. High meets in Room 10.


7:00-8:30pm. Come hang out with the Jr. & Sr. High School!  We have snacks, games, worship, a short message and a time for prayer.    

Our Studies



QUestion Your Doubt.png

You've asked those questions.  You may have begun to doubt.  We all have.  Is there really a God?  If He's real, why is there so much suffering?  What does the Bible say about marriage?  Why doesn't He answer my prayer?  Although we've all asked ourselves these and other questions, I bet you've never asked yourself, "is my doubt reasonable?" 

It's time to put our doubt on trial.  It's time put our questions on the chopping block.  It's time for faith to play offense.

On Wednesday nights we're going to tackle your tough questions.  After all, good questions deserve good answers.  But, at the same time we're going to question our doubt.     




The Gospel Project is a study through the whole Bible.  In this study, we learn how God unfolds His plan of redemption, His story, and how we fit into God's story now.  

Calendar of Events