What to Expect

"A warm, welcoming, and vibrant community."

Visiting a church for the first time can be uncomfortable.  Meeting new people can be nerve racking.  At Foothill Vineyard Church you'll notice a warm and vibrant community.  You'll be greeted with genuine smiles because we are excited to have you as our guest.  We are a relaxed church.  To add to the relaxing atmosphere we offer free refreshments & coffee.


Our worship is modern and contemporary.

We sing songs from Hillsong, Jesus Culture,

Vineyard Music, Matt Redman, and more.


Do you have kids?  Don't worry.  Foothill

Vineyard Church offers Sunday School

programs from infants to Sr. High.


We hope to see you this Sunday!!!  Our

services are at 9:00 am and 10:45 am. 


Worship is where we

encounter Jesus in a

powerful and personal way.

Since we want all people to

personally experience Jesus,

we set aside time for

passionate and worship.

Our Values

Our Team

Dedicated.  Passionate.  Professional... it's what we do.

The Scripture is God's

inspired word.  It is the basis

for our lives and community.

From the Scriptures we find

the keys to truly impacting

the world:  Love God with

everything we have and

do good for humanity.



Community is missional and

personal.  We want all

people to be a part of our

community so we welcome

everybody.  It is here that

you will find real and

authentic people who love

Jesus and you.


Christianity is not just a set

of theological claims.  It is a

theology of action; a

theology of doing what is

good.  This is why we have a

weekly food distribution to

help those in our local

community.  Plus, we're

excited about new ideas and

innovations to help more

and more people.